Elaine Reichek made very diverse works over the past 40 years but my personal favourite is Dwellings (1982-83).
For this series she used ethnographic photographs from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She was troubled by their pretense of being objective, scientific, nonideological records when in fact they are deeply invested in two related codes—those of Western science and of photographic representation. Both of these codes present themselves as universal but each represents only one way of seeing among many possibilities. Elaine Reichek hand-colored the photographs of shelters from different cultures around the world and paired  them with three-dimensional hand-knitted replicas at the same scale, with added details. Each replica—hung upside down on a peg, collapsed and inverted—abstracts the textural and structural elements of the dwelling from which it is derived.
Elaine Reichek lives and works in New York. Check out her work here.