Partition in Paris

While strolling through Paris, the works of Alberto Guzman pulled my eye to a gallery window. Striking black with white patterns scratched in cardboard. While admiring his works and chatting with the gallery owner, Mr Guzman himself walked in.

Guzman 1-partition nr 6 copy

Alberto Guzman, Partition N° 6 (Acryl on carton, 2013, 140 x 100 cm)

Born in 1927 in Peru, Guzman completed his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Lima. He exhibited abstract, soldered iron sculptures as of 1953. It did not take long for him to orient his research towards marble and bronze. In 1959, a scholarship from the French Government allowed him to come to Paris where he held his first exhibition at the Galerie du Fleuve. Others followed every year, all over the world. One can see his monumental works in public places from the place Jeanne d’Arc in Paris to the Olympic Park in Seoul. Sculpture is not his only form of expression. As he could not work marble for a time, he turned towards graphic art with large format inks, as well as to small, refined drawings combining ink, gouache and black lead. He also created stage sets, jewelry and furniture.

Guzman 1-partition nr 4 copy

Alberto Guzman, Partition N° 4 (Acryl on carton, 2013, 140 x 100 cm)

A truly remarkable artist who continues to produce powerful works at the age of 86!


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