Paper like skin

I looked at paper and just loved it. It is an organic material.
Almost like human skin: you can scratch it, you can mold it, it even ages.

Dividing Line, 2001

Dividing Line, 2001

Zarina is a printmaker and sculptor. Paper is central to her practice; she prints on handmade paper, casts paper pulp and manipulates paper with needle and thread.

I first encountered the work of Zarina in the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013 where a retrospective of her work was shown.

Pin Drawing, 1977

Pin Drawing, 1977

She was born in 1937 in Aligarh in northern India and after marrying a diplomat she lived in a number of countries before moving to the States in 1975. Today, she still lives in the same Manhattan loft she moved into in 1976.

Watched the Seine flow by and waited for him to come home, 1997

From ‘Homes I made/A life in Nine lines’ 1997 : Watched the Seine flow by and waited for him to come home

Rootlessness, spirituality, cultural weight, the concept of home  and many more life-themes are subtly explored in the powerful works of Zarina.

From 'These cities Blotted into the Wilderness', 2003: Beirut

From ‘These cities Blotted into the Wilderness’ 2003 : Beirut

For a conversation between the curator of the retrospective exhibition, Allegra Pesenti, and Zarina: please visit here.
Pictures shown are scans from the 2012 catalogue ‘Zarina: Paper like skin’.