Louvre Lens – for kids


Mulimedia guide with kids tours in the Grande Gallerie

On an overcast day I took my kids along to Louvre Lens in France. It was a hit, not necessarily for the splendid art works exhibited in the Galerie du Temps but mainly for the mobile multimedia guide which comes free with your ticket (kids till 12 yrs get a free ticket). The white device was immediately baptised as ‘iPhone’ by the kids and they loved it.

On the multimedia guide they can select adventure tours specifically designed for kids. A tour playfully guides them along 10 artworks: they have to search them, they listen to a story about the work and then there is a question to answer which requires careful observation of the work. At the end of the tour they can see how many ‘treasure boxes’ they have discovered (one for every first time right question). It kept them absorbed for more than an hour. But even days later, they still mentioned things they learned from their visit.


The multimedia guide has 3D immersion and content is available in 3 languages: Dutch, English and French.
For adults there are themed commentaries (Myths and Legends, Arts and Religions, etc.) in which specialists on the collections of the Louvre Museum guide you in your exploration of the artworks on display.

Unknown copy 2

In the Galerie du Temps not only are works from the collections of the Louvre museum presented, they are exhibited in a new way: the artworks are chronologically presented in a single 120m long gallery without any divisions. In this way, instead of stressing what divides and distances them, the Louvre-Lens will stress what brings civilisations together and what unites artistic practices.
And all that provides a very nice visiting experience, for kids and parents alike!

Dear Louvre Lens, just one more thing. How about a playground in the beautiful park?




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