Home Works

3471_7 001
In my field notes is some more Danish art inspiration to be found this summer. I was introduced to the work of Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen (°1971, lives in Berlin) at the 80 days of summer photo festival in Ghent, Belgium. The pictures of his series ‘Home Works’ impressed me, how he photographs children around the home in a romantic and at the same time a kind of raw way. The way he uses light to its full potential, the way his images make us long for an intimate, homely and simple world. Some may call it melancholy but in any case Joakim Eskildsen is a top photographer.

3732.4+5 001

3043.9 001

3572_4+5 001

3129.5 001

3172.11 001

3086.6 001

3103.12 001

3064.8 001

Check out Eskildsen’s gorgeous portfolio on his website with recent work shot in Cuba and the USA for Time.
All pictures shown are taken from his website with thanks.


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